It's holiday season and amongst your spiked eggnog and holiday turnups, just wanted to give a few suggestions for those fun corporate gatherings so you can stand out yet keep it classy.

Tweed- whether a blazer or tie, tweed is a perfect touch for any holiday event and a solid go to for a NYE function. I got my tweed tie(pictured) from J. Crew...high quality highly recommended.

Plaid or Patterned shirt- I love plaid...plaid and patterns are a dynamic way to accent any combination. 

Leather Band Watch - whether black or brown, a leather strap around your wrist is a warmer option and gives a more distinguished look than the cold metal you may be sporting. Keep it classy and conventional.

These are just what I've highlighted as some of my favorites for the holidays...feel free to check out things along these guidelines and see which ones pique your interest and accentuate your personality. I wish all you guys a blessed and happy holiday, enjoy time with your loved ones and be safe.