So I'm at this Hublot event with my buddy and my sister a few months ago. Nice crowd, not too pretentious, but there's clearly an affluent feel but also lots of movers and shakers(perfect networking opportunity). I'm introduced to this guy named Brandon, cool dude, laid back chill demeanor in all black with one of the toughest Hublots I've seen. We start talking about his clothing line and it was a brief convo but he mentions some new stuff he was working on and I told him I'd be on the lookout for it. Months go by, as they do, and another buddy of mine posts these pics of a dope hoodie he was modeling and sure enough the hash tag was #LargesseLife. 

The homie Quinn modelling The Revenge.

The homie Quinn modelling The Revenge.

Brandon, like myself is, a big fan of sneakers and a guy who has had an eye for fashion, design & art since a young age(even sketching graffiti). He found inspiration for the brand by wanting to add his own fashion forward modern touch on minimalistic pieces and often felt that he had to represent for his hometown of Cincinnati. "Every time I would go back to my hometown I would hit the shops and wonder why everyone sold  things that were outdated everywhere else. The only answers I could get is that they ain't ready for that stuff yet'. So basically instead of giving the people what they need they give them what they want or what turns a good profit. Problem is they are so behind they don't know what they want. They take what they are offered. With that in mind, I thought about what I see when I would shop in Atlanta, New York, L.A or on the Internet which is where I buy most of my clothing now." With that as motivation to push the needle for his brand and his city, he began the process but not without its hiccups. He explains "I spent the first 2 years making samples that I couldn't wait to show everyone whose opinion I thought mattered and the only people who were feeling it were people I had just met." So now we have the Revenge collection; the last laugh to those who didn't see the vision.

"The Revenge Hoodie is the centerpiece of the collection. Bringing together all of the best elements of my favorite looks in one awesome piece. The Hoodie is a staple in every mans wardrobe. The 3/4 sleeves make layering a breeze allowing one to dress it up with a long sleeve button down underneath or to rock regular allowing your accessories to stand out. The hemline is a signature Largesse look that takes its cues from a Tuxedo jacket. Shorter in the front with a longer fishtail in the rear complimented by the Zip seam down the middle which add a stylish touch." The revenge hoodie finds its place as a versatile and modern piece that should be high in your list for things to cop for winter and spring.

He's a bright dude who explained to me that Largesse is "Generosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others" and what he's bestowing upon us his awesome brand as his gift. The line is currently available in store at Fresh 2 Def ATL and at Stadium Boutique in Little 5 Points and online at The future looks bright for Largesse Life as Brandon plans to continue to push the brand further by taking risks while still keeping it's minimalist appeal. Do yourself a favor and check out Largesse Life.