Foodie Friday

It's been a minute, so I decided to share a gem of mine. I'm s huge burger fanatic, aficionado if you will. I've decided to cut back since at a slower metabolism it's starting to show. But on my birthday weekend, I went in for a rendezvous with an old friend and genuinely one of the best burgers in Atlanta at Holeman & Finch. I'm a big fan of atmosphere and H&F provides an intimate and trendy feel. I rolled through alone on this Sunday so I was elbow to elbow in a crowded bar, but I didn't too much mind. They have a very very dope bar. The bartenders at H&F make drinks in front of you with a precision and professionalism that's unmatched in any restaurant I have been to. The drinks are a bit on the expensive side, so if it's date, make sure this is a committed're gonna spend a grip on quality drinks. But back to why I'm featuring H&F...that burger.

On any day but Sunday they're only 24 up for grabs and they're only available after 10PM. The audacity of them to put you through so much, but they're served all day on sunday(too damn crowded). To be honest, when you finally get it after going through so much, you'll understand why people get there on week nights at 7 to eat their burger at 10. The hype is real, therefore the hype is a figment of your imagination. Two quality beef patties cooked medium well(so you can truly appreciate the taste and quality of the beef) with onions and cheese. It sounds simple but it's mystique is in its minimalism. It's comes with a side of fries and the best ketchup I've ever had. 

Do yourself a favor and brunch it up on a Sunday with "bae" and not just a burger, but THE BURGER.


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The Burger