You know us millennials...nothing like brunch. And there's a little contingency that's based upon brunch: if it ain't bottomless, it ain't brunch. So I've decided to give a wonderful suggestion for my foodie friday post; Warren City Club. its a cool gem in the Virginia Highlands on North Highland and it was actually rated on zagat as the having the best burger in Atlanta. As posted previuosly, that distinction (in my eyes), goes to Holeman & Finch, so I was more than up for testing our champion.

First off let me say the service was superb. The spot gave me an old fashioned bar feel with really classic victorian-esque decor. The bottomless options were the widest I've seen in Atlanta. They have Mimosas, bloddy mary's, and a blue rasberry lemonade drink all interchangable for $10...I don't think that will last too long once the word gets out.

The Burger was phenomenal. It was grilled sirloin topped with chopped tomatoes and onions on an onion roll dressed in red pepper aioli. Phenomenal, I say. i had it medium well, of course and if I had to say, it is a very close second. I was not disappointed but the burger plus that bottomless deal is a win-win.

This needs to be your next brunch move. The rest of the brunch menu was typical but the burger caught my eye as well as their Salmon BLT(gotta try it next time).


Ry Recommends

-Warren Burger

-Bottomless anything for $10...duh