I used to fancy myself quite the collector of premium and limited kicks in my day. My tastes have changed and trends have come and gone but a constant in the sneaker community is and always will be Air Jordan's. As Nike celebrates Brand Jordan's 30th anniversary I decided what better way to put my once expensive habit into perspective by ranking 1-23. 

23. XXIII's - I just wasn't a fan. Although performance was the goal with these, as the last Air Jordan to receive a number(23) in the series, I was disappointed in the aesthetic.

22. XVIII's - this was an expensive and ugly shoe...the highlight was the packaging and the fact that it came with a brush and towel for the suede.

21. XXII's - Another miss in my opinion...there was even a forgettable "basketball" edition...smh

20. XIX's - I hate snakes and with a high price point and bulky basketball shoe It defies the functionality Jordan Brand typically brings.

19. XXI's - RED ITALIAN SUEDE..every other color way (c/w) was rather forgettable.

18. XV's -  This may have been ahead of its time with its Sleek silhouette. I enjoyed the blk/red XV...very solid.

17. XVII's -  Coincidentally enough, the XVII's were legit futuristic and aesthetically pleasing. The wht/blk/blu color way was my favorite. First Jordan's to hit the $200 price tag.

16. XIV's -  It wasn't a push was the "last shots". It should've been anyway. Ferrari inspired footwear...well done.

15. XVI's - the first Jordan with a detachable cover. They say in the shelves but the legend of these grows stronger every year they aren't retro'd. Your move Nike...I'm sure a limited release of the OG would be insane.

14. XX's - When I think of the XX's I really think of XX's 2,0...did I lose you? The patent leather toe, the Concord-esque quickstrike, the Stealths. Ry-fact; the only pair of shoes I've ever had stolen were XX's(quick strikes) and I'm still hot about it.

13. II's -  Italian leather with no nike check. The OG Chicago color way is actually one of my favorite shoes. Too bad none of the other color ways moved me too much(Melos were tough)

12. IX's -  the Olive IX might be the most underrated Jordan ever IMO(and those cool greys were tough). This is where the list starts to get tough. This is the only shoe Mike never wore in the court...Scottie and Penny did though.

11. VIII's - one of the more memorable as campaigns 

10. X's - The X's break into my top 10 on lore and consistency. There were the innovative city editions(NY Knicks c/w, Seattle supersonics c/w, etc), and of course the pair he wore in his comeback.

9. XII's -  another shoe thats a personal favorite with some mystique are the XII's. Designed on elements based on Japanese flag, everybody remembers the flu game. Taxis, White/Red, playoffs, flu games and Columbia XII's are all classics. Not to mention some mean PE's(player editions) floating around.

8. XIII's - The XIII's possess an equally iconic lineup. The Flints and Bred XIII's are both high on my list in my personal favorites.

7. VII's - It's already tough getting to this point of the list, but the VII's place at 7 because of a cool an innovative ad campaign including bugs bunny and the heralded Hare 7's (which still is on my list of shoes to have).

6. V's - I place the V's high on my list because it's the first with lace locks and the fighter jet influenced signature probably has the coldest toungue(3M). Dope.

5. IV's - The Bred we're in grail country. The IVs have always gotten the star treatment with with the most limited edition releases for a reason. The netting is a clean touch, wide tab on the back is clutch, and the shot over Ehlo...Cleveland can't catch a break. 

4. VI's - whichever infrared you prefer, it's not a bad decision. The first shoe with a championship. I still love my DMP 6's This is probably #1 on a lot of lists and to preface this one and the next 3 could've all taken the top spot.

3. XI's -  Concords, Space Jams, Breds, Cool Greys, name it its a classic. The shoe combines a sleek and almost formal look with the prototypical flair and quality functionality that Brand Jordan is known for.

2. I's - if you see me...I'm probably in bred, royal, or shadow 1's. I told a buddy of mine that I feel like bred 1's go with everything. I can't call it, I have an affinity for the classics and it doesn't get more classic than The OG...Jordan I.


1. III's - I mean do I have to's my favorite Jordan ever and to be honest the first Jordan I bought with my own cash. The first pair I had was the quickstrike cement Jordan III's from 2003. I was hooked, so it's only fair that I put this atop the list. The elephant print changed the game, he dunked from the free throw line to beat Nique...The first to don the jumpman. III's please. Nike Air over everything

Royals I's... 

Royals I's...