As I'm binge watching "Silicon Valley"  on HBO(check it out), it reminds me of my own entrepreneurial spirit. Finding your passion, struggling through the downs, riding the highs of the ups and progressing as you and your ideas evolve. I got a buddy who I've witnessed grow his vision and business internationally in 5 years. Tunde and his crew over at FRESH.i.AM have done an amazing job growing the brand and developing quality and innovative product. 

I've always dubbed Tunde a creative genius, he really does an impeccable  eye for design. Coincidentally the episode of "Silicon Valley" I'm watching  is based on vision and the one thing he was always clear on was that. I helped out with the brand in the earlier days and seeing how far things have come is beautiful. You've probably seen the infamous hats (pictured above) with various words and abbreviations on them ie FIA, DOPE, EVOL, FUKK, among others. You've probably seen it rocked by Migos, 2 Chainz, Theophilus London(former collaborator of the brand), Rihanna and me(lol). They've pushed the envelope and have stayed ahead of the curve. So much so that back in 2009, the Roxie shirt offered was actually a longer, skimmer tee, that's the wave at the moment(the vision I was speaking about). 

The hats are my favorites and have become apart of the brands staple pieces. They are offered every season and even with an annual Valentine's Day red EVOL(love backwards) hat along with collaborative efforts with other brands. The ATL hat which I purchased is my go to for the's black but it's a light and made from quality material that won't attract too much heat. Ry def recommends you check out my guy and his brand at . He's a great dude and I'm proud of the way he's grown his business and his vision. I've watched him grow from working the local college fashion shows in 2009 to hand sewing the hats in his crib to collaborating with hip hop artists and other fashion brands and to now even getting Yeezi samples(those connections means he's made it lol). Much respect bro, keep it up.


And if you're in the city and want an in store experience, RSVP for their shop on Saturdays between 2-7 at