wedding candid...

wedding candid...

About a year and a half ago I was at a pretty mundane accounting/operations gig. Below average pay for the industry and field, awful morale, terrible turnover, and I wasn't the best fit with all of my coworkers(although I had great boss and a handful of great coworkers). One of those coworkers who I actually liked got a new job as a store manager at a store called Suit Supply. He was one of the best dressed guys I had met in a while. I feel that I'm a pretty well dressed guy and he made me feel pretty inadequate, lowkey checked my ego and asked where he shopped(I had to). So he explained to me that it was where he does his shopping and that it was relatively new to Atlanta. Suit Supply is a mid to high end men's clothing store specializing in menswear(suits, blazers, ties, dress shirts ect.) who also offer made to measure custom suits. I checked it out online and I lusted, hard. I saw these well cut suits in amazing patterns and material accompanied by an (immaculate) in house Tailor. My first visit to the shop was so overwhelming. It's a bit expensive, the first time I've ever bought a suit over $500, but I would honestly tell you it's worth every penny. 

I tupically will buy one for special occasions and strategically map out my purchases there. I'm not at the point(yet) where I can just walk in and buy a suit. The latest purchase I made was their three piece Havana cut. It's a brown wool suit with a blue/red check pattern. The Havana is one of their more contemporary fits with a lightly padded shoulder for slim and masculine silhouette with slim trousers. It feels amazing on. It's a fall/winter suit that has the versatility to be worn year round especially the jacket(coupled with jeans, white pants, ect.).   

After(and during) the purchase you're consulted about the alterations that may be had with the suit. Taking the blazer in for an even slimmer look, taper your trousers(if necessary), hemming, cuffs, and anything else you can think of. The customer service is A-1. I've worked with Jay, Austin, and Kenny and they are all highly recommended for all your suiting needs. I've been in love with the place for sometime now so it was only natural that I dedicate a post to it. Fellas check it out, ladies check it out for your fella(s).



Suit - Suit Supply

Shirt - J. Crew

Tie - J. Crew

Pocket Square - Tie Bar

Shoes - Charles Philips Shanghai