hilltopblues x ry

hilltopblues x ry

I've travelled a good bit the past two months and I haven'the done too much shopping(i'm not rich yet). take the chance did however take the chance to grab the latest J. Crew x New Balance Collab, Hill Top Blue 998's. I was (and still am for the most part) a hugely exclusive nike advocate. Lately, the dope color combos and all around functionality of the NB's, especially the collaborative efforts, have drawn me to them. 

the Hill Top Blues are no different. The 4th pair I've gotten my hands on might be my favorite(st. alfred's, daytona's, and concrete jungles are all very dope as well). The color scheme was inspired by baseball field and fall colors. The shoe has been my go to for the past month or so especially in my travels. The sleek design of the 998's along with the navy blue and the chutney (or dark khaki) combined with the infrared and 3M material give the shoe this amazing versatility of functionality and a flair to be worn with anything casually.

The only thing I can tell you is to add these or a pair similar from the J. Crew lineup to have for the fall. The only thing I did was switch out the off white laces for a pair of navy laces to give a color blocking vibe. Now they're perfect...