You got your boarding pass, bags are packed, toothbrush and drawers(the real essentials lol) but what else do you take that you have to have. The things you grab that only you and your distinctive taste have chosen to accompany you along your travel. Here, I list mine and hope you can appreciate the thins listed.


1. Mifland Rucksack.

This was actually my first time taking the rucksack put on an actual trip and it did just what I needed in a carry-on. Big enough to hold my Jordan 4's, flannel shirt, and all it my electronic accessories as well as #2 on my list. 


2. Monocle Magazine

I'll admit that Lupe put me on...(monocle magazine and HTM trainers). I'll also tell you that as a finance major in college there wasn't a better magazine for me to get international perspective on business as well as design, fashion and culture.


3. Jordan 1's

This could be Interchangable but you need to take one dope pair of sneakers on vacation. Not Holy Grail level but something you're fond of for those casual nights so you'll feel comfortable and confident in whatever the night brings. Also something somewhat versatile for different occasions and one mentioned 1's and 3's pretty much give me that feeling if versatility(as far as sneakers go).


4. Your favorite pair of worn in denim

I typically go to my favorite pair of nudies(washed/destroyed thin finns) or my distressed light washed denim from Gap. Something dope, and along the lines of the requirements of my shoes, versatile fir the sake of not overpacking.


These are my essentials (besides the actual essentials) necessary for any trip.




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