While i took my talents to DC for the weekend, my amazing cousin(who graciously went along with my touristy adventures) took me to Georgetown for brunch and I legit fell in love with the area. It's has a cool, waterfront, rustic, yet modern city vibe wrapped in one. The shops were the mixed in, mom & pop with your big retailers, and she brought me into Goorin Bros. To be clear, I've always thought there was something pretentious about fedoras, trilbies(a lot of you guys are wearing trilbies,  Google magic) and Bowlers because of Pharrell(a hero of mine). The thing was that I legit was uneducated on the proper way to wear one, so I'll explain what I discovered and show why this was the time for Ry to explore the fedora.

shameless selfie in Goorin...

shameless selfie in Goorin...


Guideline #1. Wear it with a collared shirt. 

Regardless of the contemporary looks, they're typically not meant to be too casual.

Look to style icons like Frank Sinatra for inspiration.

Guideline #2. Go neutral.

Black, grey, brown, olive...white works under the right occasion, but don't peacock it.

Guideline #3. Compliment your look.

Go with what fits your style and face. Wide brims aren't for everybody, may not fit your style. If you're like me you probably need to try as many on as you can to understand what matches best with your style or the look your going for.

Guideline #4. Wear it with confidence.

You bought it, so own it?




Goorin Bros was an amazing shop and they are opening a location in Ponce City Market in Atlanta soon, as soon as hey do I'm going for The Doctor in all black...check out the inventory on


- Ry

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bathroom selfie...•_•    

bathroom selfie...•_•