To say "fashion is fickle" is an understatement.  Following trends can leave you with shallow pockets and a closet full of clothes you wore last season that you probably wouldn't wear this season. So what's the strategy of the practical fashionable? It's really just moderation. It's tough because things constantly evolve. Example; slim jeans, skinny jeans, skinny jeans w/slouch, joggers. That all happened literally within 3 years. From around 2010-2013(perhaps even earlier depending on who you ask). At NYFW there was the showing of Kanye West's Yeezy line season 2. It was a bit of a surprise, only announced a few days earlier, although there was ssome speculation (because it was obviously Fashion week). Kanye has taken on this very vagrant, nomadic, vagabond vibe with his designs. He's offered his take of luxury sportswear and added in monochromatic earth tones to create the vibe for his line. Much like season 1, it's continuing to push forward on the vagrant train. It's not just Kanye using this either, it's a number of high fashion designers utilizing the look.

So where does this trend of super(like duper) distressed, faded, and asymmetrical rags lead us? The excessive layering(which I actually kinda think is dope), and the military inspired pieces have always been around, but it's never been this prevalent. I've been asked a lot lately about Kanye's line and this latest trend and I decided to post my overall opinion. It really all depends on the outlook of Kanye's focus. I've heard a lot of people not comfortable with the idea of being flagrantly vagrant(read any hypebeast post yeezy is attached to). I guess we are dressing, in the purest sense, for functionality, but the irony of the high price and the overall aesthetic don't seem to resonate. Is Adidas really attaching such an unreasonable price tag to these pieces that resemble the clothes of vagabonds? Perhaps, but from my perspective, I'm not sure that's Kanye's intent. I dig some of the elements of the line, like the exaggerated stretched opening of tees and some of the oversized outerwear. I love what Kanye's line and what others have brought to push fashion forward(there's gotta be a lightening rod), but I'm not sure how much longer this particular wave will last. I am a proponent of wearing what you feel and maybe this is what Ye is feeling. He's stated before that this is his performance art. My guess is, he was aiming for a line that expressed oppression, frustration, and the angst he's dealt with in the fashion industry. I respect it, aesthetically it's interesting but just not something I necessarily see myself in...although I am a big fan and supporter of Kanye and the footwear(plug on the yeezy would be appreciated lol). I like the current state of things with the rustic, rugged, and distressed looks going around, but let's not go too far like we did with the thrifting/vintage stuff; becoming a novelty, and gimmicky. Kudos to Kanye for translating his line into actual performance art. Maybe it's one of those things that's actually above looking trendy and fashionable. If it is, I hope the message becomes a little clearer with its release and isn't lost in translation with its heavy price tag.

If you're going to invest big bucks, buy something that you not only see yourself wearing for years to come, but something that also makes you feel incredible. Be great and let's have an awesome, productive and beautiful fall.