The best time of year is approaching...and I made a few dope pickups lately, with the fall in mind, that I wanted to share. I wouldn't call them essentials but I would admit that these were some incredible purchases for looks I want to incorporate into my wardrobe this fall. 


1. vans sk8 hi's  

burgundy/wine/maroon/Crimson/ox blood or whatever you want to call it has been the go to fall color for a few years now; and it's not going anywhere. These vans caught my eye a month or two ago and they go well with all the fall colors so wonderfully. There's also a very dope pair of Vans x WTAPS OG style 36 LX(yes that's the name of the model) that are monochromatic and also super dope. If you can get your hands on a super limited pair, check them out. If not, go to or to check these out.


2. Gap Selvedge Denim

I've done a post a a while ago praising a pair of Gap Selvedge denim I purchased that I was genuinely surprised by. The quality, the weight, the fit, and the price. This new pair is much of the same. They are a destroyed and distressed pair of washed denim. They're heavy enough to wear in the fall with the perfect details for that worn but not worn out look. The whisker and honeycomb placement were very dope.


3. Bape & Kinfolk Tees

I've been on a bit of a binge of quality tees, especially those that are manufactured and popular in Japan(one I stumbled upon). I picked up a Commes De Garcon tee not too long ago and was super impressed with its quality and the way it felt on(besides the dope simplistic design). I've long been a da of Nigo's more subtle designs and Bape is a long standing staple in streetwear. I was in NYC, came across the boutique and picked up a very dope tee I can do a lot with. The basic logo tee with black and grey camo on a white base was a perfect addition to the rotation. 

I stumbled across a line that's actually pretty popular In NYC and Japan called Kinfolk. What was really dope about Kinfolk was that it was in a very interesting space in Brooklyn. It was in a compound of millennial cool; one side was a cafe, another side was a bar, and the other side, of course, a very amazingly decorated boutique. Cool decor in all three phases and the quality of the apparel is A-1. Very dope tees and Oxford button ups. 


If you're in Brooklyn anytime soon, check our Kinfolk whether you're trying to function or shop...or both lol.