blessed to see 30...thanks for all the love

blessed to see 30...thanks for all the love

I was searching for quite a while for the perfect camel coat. The piece of the season. The crowning jewel of my outerwear. It's elegant, but can be dressed down. It has a regal and timeless feel abd you can literally wear it with anything.  

I found a handful of great online shops that had some awesome offerings like asos and other fast fashion stores but nothing stood out quite as much as the option from Zara. Unluckily for me though, my size was sold out, but I found it brand new for below retail on eBay. I had to wait two weeks to get it since it was an international order, but the wait was well worth it.  

I broke it out at a friends (fem-fatl's own Kristen) going away, with black distressed jeans(also from Zara) and a long black tee and my black Charles Philip loafers. I love the complimentary contrast of camel and black. It gives rebel yet classic in a mature and effortless fashion. While I was with the ladies of I figured I'd get one more "candid" shot from two of my favorite creative directors and the dope art work on argosys blended well with the camel and black motif I had working. Thus, waves. 

And thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Blessed is an understatement.