one time for the southside... 

one time for the southside... 

Little Trouble has been on my list of bars for a month now. It's usually easier to knock out bars than restaurants, so I thought I'd do a little function there for my 30th since it's no reservation, but Atlanta's "inclement weather" kept it from happening. So a random rendezvous after date night with babe(bc bae is kinda wack). 

You've seen the lights in pictures I'm sure, and o assure you that they're even cooler in real life. It's hard to explain the setup. There are no doors. It's an open space with tables to the right and a bar to the left. The neon lights are what draw you in at the end of the hallway where the bar sits. They've already won you over with ambiance and dope atmosphere (on a weeknight, I'd suggest a random weeknight) and the drink menu is the cherry on top. I'm officially a tequila drinker now, and if you are too, I'd suggest the desert cat from their craft cocktail menu. It's smoky, it's bitter, it's sweet, it's incredible.

its honestly perfect for a place to start your night or end it. Go check it out and dab in front of the neon lights like one Westlake alum did to big up another.