I just want to share a few of my Prince memories and my favorite songs. Feel free to disagree because Prince's catalog is too vast to marginalize into a top 10 list. 


The most memorable Prince quote... 

"You're only told you're going to die..."


Most memorable moment with Prince music...

I slow danced with a girl I really liked once in an empty parking lot to "adore"...I didn't steal that from a movie I promise. I was like 24 or 25...



Favorite Prince songs  (no particular order)


purple rain

rasberry beret

when doves cry

sometimes it snows in April  

beautiful ones

nothing compares to u


if I was your girlfriend  

she's always in my hair  


*honorable mention

money don't matter tonight

baby I'm a star

darling nikki

diamonds & pearls 


RIP to a legend and one of the most innovative and talented individuals this world has ever seen.  

purple vans in remembrance of the LEGEND...

purple vans in remembrance of the LEGEND...