all in the value

I know this is a lifestyle blog, but music is one of those universal things we can relate to. You have to have to workout, get through the workday, turn up, turn down, reflect, and appreciate. As cliche as it sounds, I listen to everything. Stuff you don't think I listen to, I probably have on a playlist and of course, I have the stereotypical hip hop and r&b that any urban gentleman would have (currently esco terrestrial has been on rotation heavy). I came across a track from a really well rounded friend who I often trade music with, and was floored by this two man team called Honne(pronounced like Hahn) from the UK. The electronic soul duo have only been doing music together for two years and today their album released. I love their song "all in the value", it jams and vibes well with me at the moment. I've been into more relaxed groovy tunes with a heavier guitar lately and this was right on time. This is the live version of it, and if you like what you see/hear, check out their album on Spotify and Apple Music called "warm on a cold night"