the general muir


I'm back on the burger hunt, and I'm in my backyard. There's been a spot in my list for over a year with a burger I have heard tall tales about. I live close to Emory university and there is a quiet yet gorgeous area with a few restaurants and shops. In the corner, towards the back of the property, there's The General Muir. 

The concept of an modern yet classic deli with a small yet choice beer/drink menu and a versatile food menu(underrated brunch). I've been twice and I've had the lunch version of their burger and the dinner version(TWO VERSIONS). The lunch, was a little subdued, a little more lowkey. It was very similar to the H&F; two medium well patties accompanied perfectly with just onions and cheese. There's something about a burger that isn't over the top that I really like. Let the chef's skill shine. The dinner version is just as flavorful with an interesting twist; it comes with pastrami. In a little embarrassed to say I was apprehensive to try it because I've never had pastrami and they told me that I couldn't have it without it, so "when in Rome..." I was shocked by how good it was, a little salty for my taste but, a deli, pastrami, I get it.

I'd highly recommend The General Muir if you live any where near decatur, buckhead, or midtown.  I probably will go next week on when I work from home. It's a spot you can take a friend or a date, or even a solo mission like I do. I know you won't be disappointed by its modern and comfortable charm.

the dinner version...& i always get is about balance fam  

the dinner version...& i always get is about balance fam