confidence: your most essential accessory

I haven't written a personal piece since my birthday(THAT WAS 30), I've felt compelled to share a little. I guess a testimony of sorts. I'm working on a few things for the blog and designing some things and it just hit me that I didn't think I was capable of any of this 3 years ago. I've progressed so much because I stepped outside of what I was used and came out so much better. You hear the cliche about good things come to those who wait; FUCK THAT! Go out, grind and get it. Talk to someone that's done it and believe in yourself enough to know that failure isn't the end, it's a temporary detour. Your ego isn't the most important thing, YOUR HAPPINESS is and it's literally a matter of you being confident enough to step out of yourself and get what you deserve. 

I'm not saying that I've made it or that I'm at the top by any means, but I have come farther than I thought just by understanding that I can get my dreams too. I think phrases like "your time is coming" send a mixed message. Timing is apart of the equation, but your attitude and confidence can help you create some of those opportunities instead of just waiting for them. I will continue to push and be inspired and keep inspiring because that's the beauty of life. For the hustlers, movers, shakers, and dreamers, keep pushing; great things are waiting for you. 


Go get it. 


much love,