A/W 18 Essentials


- ThingsWentAwRy Hoodie

- Gap Black Denim Jacket with PinTrill and Louis Vuitton Pins

- Mifland Leather Rucksack  

- J Crew Red Wool Beanie

- Air Jordan 1’s (Banned/Breds) 

- Nudie Lean Dean Raw Italian Selvedge

- Commes Des Garçon Natural Chuck Taylor

- Sony a6000 Camera

- Jo Malone Hazelnut Oak Cologne 

- Kiehl’s Men’s Facial Fuel Moisterizer

- Movado Classic Museum Watch

- Gucci Black Leather Card Case

- Reuzel Pomade


my essentials listed above are the items I use pretty much on a weekly if not daily basis, specifically the jeans, wallet, and mifland bag. I also make it a point to write and play around with my camera daily; it helps keep me balanced and helps me with expressing and creating ideas. Take a look and tell me what you think, that Jo Malone scent is a winner, and I never give cologne advice (lol, i’m usually super tight lipped ). What are some of your daily essentials?