Scott Disick inspired...


I don't subscribe to the Kardashian brand, but Scott Disick may be my style hero. He encompasses a clean and edgy look, but he also does streewear in a way that's not too street. His signature look (that I've seen lately) has been flannel with a tee underneath, faded jeans and Chelsea boots.  

I like it, clearly. Versatile and rugged, and he's a bit of a jerk, kinda like me. Salute. 



Paris Pick ups

the A.P.C. shirt may have been my favorite pick up on the simple and dope

the A.P.C. shirt may have been my favorite pick up on the simple and dope

1. Chelsea Boots - I finally gave in. I love them

2. A.P.C. White Oxford button up - it's clean, classic, and it fits amazing. I'll have this shirt forever. 

3. Rings - GQ convinced me to get a thumb ring and another complimentary ring that I could wear on the opposite hand, middle or ring finger. I got a solid sterling silver thumb and an onyx ring for my middle finger.



4. Uniqlo Bomber - I saw a blue bomber in A.P.C. but for €400, I decided to pass. This one was a lot less and very similar. It's thick but still maintains a clean and rich aesthetic.


bit by the luxury bug... 

bit by the luxury bug... 

5. Louis Vuitton wallet - I was pressured into buying this but the price was too good to pass up. The exchange rate is very good right now and in Europe the prices haven't caught up to the exchange rate, and as a finance guy, who am I to pass up a deal. Did I justify my spending enough already? Good. It's a supple red leather that stands out yet isn't too flashy. It's not my everyday but it may very well become that soon. 

6. Dyptique candle - nothing fashion related but this is a damn amazing candle. My boss burned it at ponce denim and I was infatuated with having one since. I suggest you check out one soon. The baies(berry) scent is the most popular for a reason. 


- Ry