It's holiday season, you got Christmas parties, thanksgiving functions, STK Magnum Mondays, and other young professional events you have to prepare for. It's the season for plaid, patterns, layering, wool, trenches and everything else. Don't get overwhelmed and put things together incorrectly; it happens. There are rules to fashion I see broken everyday so I decided to help the gentlemen out by offering some of the commonly broken rules to help you stylishly make it through the fall and winter in a small compendium of information.

Hems- It's cold out, go with no break and show a little sock or a slight break for the conservative tip. Leave the ankle cleavage for spring and summer. Obvious, but it's broken on the regular.
No Tie rules- When do you break out the Air Tie? You can whenever you like under a couple of conditions. Unless it's a formal event, make sure you have a stiff collar. A stiff collar and a three piece suit is a def win this fall. You also should never wear a tie if you are wearing a black dress shirt. Your tie is an accessory meant to accent your shirt and it should always be darker than your shirt.  You can also get away without wearing a tie if you're wearing an all over print shirt (button it to the top) for your less formal functions.
Tie rules- Your tie should match the width of your other words, if you got a skinny tie, your lapel should be skinny. 
Patterns on Patterns? - Even the most fashionable get this wrong. Here's the golden rule on pattern on pattern crime; it's fine to mix but the bigger pattern should be work outside i.e. your blazer with a larger check pattern, tie with a medium pattern or all over (paisley), and a shirt with a subtle pinstripe or smaller check pattern. Be bold and don't overthink it, but just don't have varying pattern sizes.
What's too skinny? - Functionality and fit are really what fashion is all about. The only thing you need to know is that your jacket nor your pants should bunch. Everything should flow and fall naturally, drape over you without compromising a svelte silhouette, and you should be comfortable and be able to move. If you're constantly adjusting something you're probably uncomfortable and I hope you're not in a corporate setting.

Pocket Power- Keep a pocket square at all times...

I hope these rules are a help for you looking your best this fall....



dots over a subtle stripe and a grainy picture...smh

dots over a subtle stripe and a grainy picture...smh