"Look I know girls love Miansai..." A'la Drizzy Drake...being a quasi-emo I could recite and spin many a drake lyric that would fit this situation but I'll spare you. I was out in the city kicking it at my new favorite place, Ladybird, along the belt line and to my surprise (and delight)there was a Miansai Airstream. How convenient and dope. A leather Miansai bracelet has been on my list for a solid year, but due to random obligations it was pushed further and further down on the priories list. So then fate struck! By way of a Big retro aluminum slice of Americana.

Miansai apparently goes on the road every summer to get to the people (much like me) who may not have seen it much besides online or maybe not at all. The brand has been lauded as one if the better and more unique accessory lines in the past few years. They offer a brand of leather and woven bracelets for men and women which are tied around the wrist and instead of clasped its hooked by an anchor or an actual hook. I went for the black on black leather and hook combo which I am beyond thrilled with. The leather is awesome quality and the braceler gives a rugged but natural feel to any look you're going for. The leather bracelets are priced fairly for the quality in my opinion at $68. They can go as high as $235 for your all gold bracelets.




If you're in the market or have been eyeing the brand like I have check to see if they'll be near you this summer.